“Michelle has taught me so much about nutrition, supplements, herbs and wellness in general. She encourages me with practical steps to make positive changes in my overall health!” -Candi


"Michelle has all the remarkable characteristics of someone who values and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of a person's health. She has great integrity and compassion to provide the best care possible. Her warm and loving spirit and her knowledge of nutrition was so encouraging and inspiring. She is a great coach and works tirelessly to provide the best maximum results for her patients. I highly recommend her." -Marty


"Achy joints and excessive tiredness, plus a 'poochy' weight gain entering the peri-menopause stage of life had me discouraged! Michelle's encouragement, including a more intentional menu to my already healthy food choices and her knowledge of which herbs and supplements to take, has set me on a path of recovery. Here's to more energy for the next 50 years of life! I am so thankful God chose to have my path cross with Michelle at just the right time!" -Cynthia


Michelle listened to my frustrations with being tired all the time and walked alongside me to come up with a nutritional plan that gave me more energy. She customized something that worked for my body, family meal planning and budget; giving me great recipes. She’s a wonderful encourager and very knowledgeable. Thanks Michelle for helping me be the best I can be!” -Kristen


"Michelle has walked beside me through much of my healing journey. I have benefited greatly from her wisdom and her encouragement. She has helped me put together a plan that was perfect for me....very doable and never felt overwhelming." -Bev